Besides its strong vehicle fleet, Ceynak Logistics offers transportation and distribution services in all transportation models depending on the needs of customers with its rich contracted supplier infrastructure.

Scope of Services

Complete Long-Distance Transport Services
• Container transport services
• Empty containers from the port for agencies
• Empty/full containers for exporter/importer companies
• Transfer and container terminal services at our terminal
Transport Services with Special Equipment
• Transport of frozen vegetable oil on insulated vehicles
• Container transportation on dumper trucks

Project-Based Cargo Transports
• Reactor Transportation
• Transformer Transportation
• Generator Transportation
• Yacht/Motor Yacht Transportation
• Turbine Transportation
• Construction Equipment Transportation
• Waste Heat Power Plants Transportation
• Wind Power Plants Transportation
• Cement Plant Mill and Boiler Transportation
• Oil Derrick Transportation
• Combined Transportation
• Milk-run transport services (From Supplier to Factory / Domestic)
• Dry cargo transportation services from ports
• Packaged product and raw material transportation services