Human Resources

H.R. Approaches

• A special attention is paid to make sure that there is a close match between the personnel’s qualification and duties that they will undertake, to analyze and characterize each task, and define the powers and responsibilities in advance.
• The personnel are paid based on the principle of job evaluation according to the nature of tasks, corporate value of their duties, powers and responsibilities that the task contains as well as market conditions and economic indicators.
• Our employees are guided based on predetermined objectives. Their success in the performance of duties and corporate qualities they are expected to have are evaluated based on concrete criteria considering whether the targets are achieved or not.
• The group adopts the principle of giving priority to employees within its own system when it comes to promotion to administrative positions, filling the vacancies in line with the career planning, personnel backup and performance results.
• In the implementation of these primary policies, motivating the human resources continuously, ensuring their professional development and protecting their personal rights are our essential principles.
• The success of managers is measured by the time they allocated to their staff, their compliance with the principles of Human Resources and their contribution to implementation of regulations as well as the high-level managerial added value they create for the business.
• Transparency and integrity in the relationship between the managers and their subordinates are one of the issues that we value the most. Guidance and evaluations are purely work-oriented and cannot be targeted at individuals.
• Our employees adopt the principle of being in a civilized and cultivated communication, acting in line with the general values of respect and ethics at the workplace environment, and helping each other even if it is not their main duty.
• Our important principles include maintaining a bond between the company and its employees based on mutual trust and cooperation, harmonious work environment created by highly-efficient employees, providing regular performance information, an equitable and fair treatment of all staff within the framework of current situation and practices.

CEY HOLDING Family consists of team members with following qualities:
Finishing the work they started,
Believing the importance of planning,
Absorbed the value of listening in communication,
Knowing the necessity of analyzing the job before starting to it,
Decisive and success-oriented,
Willing to be directed to the work they are/can be successful,
Respectful of scientific approaches, knowledge and experience,
Disliking waste of time,
Supporting clear and transparent exchange of information and communication,
Not denying the contribution of creativity to the processes,
Respectful to society and environment,
Having the awareness of quality and social responsibility,
Thinking that cooperation and teamwork is a key to success that would turn individual energy into synergy.